defunkt theatre reminds us why risky theatre is worth our time
— Richard Wattenberg, The Oregonian

Defunkt goes Ticketless

Beginning with our 2017/18 Season all individual show tickets are pay-what-you-can!  We believe that all people deserve access to great theatre, which is why Defunkt is proud to expand our pay-what-you-can policy to all performances.  We live and breathe for great theater, and we want the work we do to be available to EVERYONE.  Thank you to our generous longtime supporters for making this move possible.  Great things are in store in the year ahead: we will see you at the theater! 



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Season subscriptions will help us continue to create the theatre we create. It will also allow people who can't afford to see theatre the opportunity to see our shows. Your season Subscriptions will DIRECTLY affect how many people get to see our shows. Thank you for your support!

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