2017/18 Season

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By Terry Johnson

Directed by: Andrew Klaus-Vineyard

Oct. 13 - Nov. 18

Award winning playwright Terry Johnson imagines a 1950's hotel room in which The Scientist and The Actress (who look suspiciously like Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe) meet and discuss the universe, guilt, regret, America, and the meaning of life. They are interrupted by two Joes: The Senator and The Ballplayer (looking an awful lot like McCarthy and DiMaggio), who bring with them the menace and mayhem of the outside world. Co-Artistic Director Andrew Klaus-Vineyard follows last year’s celebrated production of HIR with this searing evening of theater that the London Independent says “transports us to the birth of celebrity culture” and “has a rare quality of timelessness about it" that has grown timelier with age.






The Pride

By Alexi Kaye Campbell

Directed by: Sarah Armitage

Feb. 9 - Mar. 17

Three actors play two sets of characters with identical names living 60 years apart.  In the 1950s Oliver hires Sylvia to illustrate his newest children’s book and an attraction develops between Oliver and Sylvia’s deeply closeted husband Philip.  In the present day, Philip and Oliver are a couple on the rocks due to Oliver’s resistance to monogamy and his emotional attachment to his best friend Sylvia.  Defunkt’s Executive Director Sarah Armitage directs this Olivier-award winning play which cuts back and forth between two eras to challenge notions of love, faithfulness, and the nature of liberation. 

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Girl in the Red Corner

By Stephen Spotswood

Directed by: Paul Angelo

Apr. 27 - Jun. 2

Halo has been knocked down: she recently got out of a terrible marriage and quit her dead-end job two weeks short of getting unemployment because her boss was sexually harassing her.  Her life changes when she meets Gina, a trainer at the local MMA gym.  As Halo begins to train, her inner warrior emerges, complicating her relationships with her mother and sister and challenging her image of herself.  Defunkt’s own Paul Angelo directs the West Coast Premiere of this extraordinary new play by Stephen Spotswood (In the Forest, She Grew Fangs).

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