2018/19 Season

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By Daniel Talbott

October 12-November 17, 2018

Directed by Andrew Klaus Vineyard

Eli is 17, out, and a budding photographer in San Francisco.  After his father’s death, Eli and his mother move to Iowa to begin a new life.  A flirtation with a popular high school jock holds potential for real love, but Eli is haunted by a previous relationship and by the legacy of his parents’ marriage and his father’s death.  Slipping is a love story for the modern age, a powerful evening of theater that reminds us that coming out is only the first step in the journey to finding your true self.  

*This show contains full frontal nudity, violence, and scene depicting self harm.







Tragedy: a Tragedy

By Will Eno

February 8-March 16

Directed by Sarah Armitage

This just in: the sun has set. Will it ever rise again? We’re not sure but that won’t stop us from talking about it. A crack team of journalists is on the scene to bring you the story, even if there isn’t one. Will Eno’s hilarious, one of a kind play skewers the never ending modern news cycle while capturing the underlying human need to apply order to an increasingly absurd world.







Brilliant Traces

By Cindy Lou Johnson

May 17-June 8

Directed by Elizabeth Jackson

A blizzard rages outside a remote cabin in the wilds of Alaska. Rosannah, a distraught young woman bursts into the cabin still fully dressed for her wedding. Thrown together in the confines of the snowbound cabin they alternately repel and attract each other as, they explore the pain of the past and, in time, consider the possibilities of the present. In the end their very isolation proves to be the catalyst which allows them to break through the web of old griefs and bitter feelings which beset them both, and to reach out for the solace and sanctuary which only hard-won understanding, self-awareness and compassion for the plight of others can bestow.